June 9


I decided to volunteer for the CrossFit Regionals! It was the most exciting thing I’ve done to date! It could also be one of the most randomest. But I won’t lie, it was bloody amazing. What other reason could I have had to be in Wollongong? Got to meet like-minded people, some more so than me but I admire the drive.

They actually just dream about working out all day err-day. The works of a CrossFit athlete, the amazing thing about this sport is how much fun it is when they’re all brought together to compete with another.

Also unexpectedly, is the moment of realisation that I get to host the second day of Manila Throwdown which wasn’t even a month since voluteering at the Regionals! Well, after dropping the hints around as much as I could that I was interested, I’m glad to see that it didn’t go off unnoticed.

I was lucky enough to get given a muscle tee and a pair of tights! Courtesy of Proven PH. Never complain when you get free merchandise. Said no one ever! At regionals, I managed to nab myself t-shirts from each team. Oh except the judges’ shirt. Should’ve done a swappie with one of the judges.  But then again, I’d highly doubt they’d want to swap.

April 7

Frenzied Emotions

It’s almost the black-out period.

What happens during this period? Well there are no annual dinners, or big events that can happen as it is leading up to the holy fasting month of Ramadhan. So not much happens. Not a lot of gigs are up for grabs.

But in all honesty, it really doesn’t affect me thankfully! I truly believe that this is the year of volunteering. I had first hand experience of helping out Belle the Musical.. the third production for Amy and Mardi of Relentless, the first time I’m helping out on such a big scale! Went straight in as Stage Manager, such a big difference to the CrossFit Competition Battle Royale, but yet some similarities. Some. Not a lot.

Belle the Musical @ JIS Arts Centre
Belle the Musical @ JIS Arts Centre


Always had a thing for sound and lighting. Just never really pursued it further.. recalling back to the Uni days when I could’ve gone down that line of work and when I remembered why I didn’t, it was mostly to do with the working hours. Pretty long – and pretty damn weird times too.

But I think it’s safe to say, I’m ready for the change. If lah. If.

December 23

Flawed Perfections

And just like that, the year is about to come to an end, and those unexpected occurrences just hit me like a hurricane.

I’ve had a rocky few months with too many people, which some of them I wish I could fix but I’m in the position where I’m just afraid to do anything about it anymore because it feels like it just won’t do any good, in fact, everything gets worse.

What could I do to make things better for myself? Being alone was a good solution at first, but as expected, things came back and addressed itself – in such ways, I swear karma really is the bitch.

What are the key points we need to take into consideration? Do we wait until it blows over and just act like nothing ever happened? Do they want to still be friends with me? Do I still want to be friends with them?

I’m not angry. I’m just sad that this has had to happened and being the bigger person is… I have nothing else I can say about it.

My world is a lonely place, but it has been the one thing I know, well. I think it all boils down to that period of time as I was growing up – a big chunk of that, I was on my own, had friends come and go.. for their own reasons, I just never understood why.

In this present day, my closest friends have been the ones I made through the days of blogging, with that connection of anonymity… it just ended up being a strong connection for years. (little did we know that it would have mulled over for this amount of time)

I always remembered as a teen, worried if people didn’t like me, or what I could do for them to like me, to involve me in activities, in play dates, in outings, in holidays, in trips. Guess it really went from sad to just plain desperate when you’re older trying to make up for what you missed out on. The common advice given by books, experts, family, everyone – was to be yourself. It didn’t matter what anyone thought of you, but to be yourself.

But what if being yourself was the reason people didn’t like you? Or what if that’s the reason why people fell out with you? And it wasn’t the explode in your face and tell you what you’ve done wrong or why you did what you did? Instead, absolute silence. Clearly leaving you out of little outings, coffee, dinner, tea, lunch, birthday dos – the works. The constant in life is people will tell you to get over it, or don’t let it get to you – this is all very easy said than done and even when you have decided you’re over it, and it’s not going to get to you – somewhere, down the line, something will happen (might be the smallest of occurrences, it might be a whiff of a certain smell) and there you go back down the rabbit hole.

A part of me urges me to talk to someone about it, but I remember what started it all, when I talk to the wrong person. And they’ve always been the wrong person, and I keep falling back to the same situation and it seems like the situation just gets from bad to worse.

So here’s to 2016, may my mind, body and soul, be at peace and stop being so hard on myself with all the mistakes I’ve made to my friends, my family and myself.

December 14

What jokes

I thought I could try my best and update this as much as I can, and as you would think travels will be the best time, you just end up getting extremely distracted and just end up with months of silence.

Can I interest you to this incredible tune?

August 1

Adventure time! 

So it begins; this incredible, exciting journey to dive in Koh Tao and relax in Koh Samui. 

Day 1 (July 31)

Arrived into Bangkok, all pretty smoothly.. Checked into my little hostel pod! It was only 600baht for a night. Of course there’s the whole claustrophobic issue but when you have a 5am flight to catch, it’s only a few hours. In terms of cleanliness, definitely 5 out of 5.. It is a new place!

Location was perfect, walking distance to the malls and whatnot to get the essentials. Like threading them brows! 
Really loved how there was a table for the pod! Definitely cosy to say the least – and incredibly functional. 

July 1

Fallout Shelter

What. The. Eff? 

This game has such meticulous attention to detail. Definitely as good as tiny towers. I’ve crashed the app a few times as I have reached a momentus moment.  


Vault-tec 542 has hit 200 dwellers!


Pretty chaotic trying to handle 200.. All reproducing everywhere because I forget to remove them from the Barracks. Oops. Then you have more rooms you need to build. 

Definitely addicted.