I received an old photo from a friend this evening, it was taken in 2011. In this photo was people I was closest to, we’d see each other every weekend or at least every other weekend. We would plan holidays / getaways just to let loose and have a whole lot of fun.

Fast forward 8 years, and we are no way in touch with each other. Neither parties are bothered to get in touch with one another, so I don’t blame anyone but just the sad reality of it all.

I sometimes think there’s a sad reality of still having a blog, and updating once a year. (Publicly at least – you’re absolutely right, there’s a treasure trove of goodies hidden somewhere in here)

Halfway through

Pretty happy how this year has turned out.

New opportunities.

New changes.

This change in my life is one I’d only think would be close to impossible to happen.

I’m grateful. I’m happy and excited for what’s to come.

Let bygones be bygones, let all the negativity in the past be just about the past.

Move onwards and upwards, with positivity.